SSL Certificates

We offer a variety of SSL certificates with Domain1, Business2 or Extended3 validation, signed by world leading certification authorities.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates guarantee the authenticity of a web site through a specific validation process. They increase the confidence of visitors in the credibility of your web site and demonstrate that high security standards are incorporated in your internet communication.

Feel free to compare and chose the right certificate for you, or contact us if you have any questions!


Comodo certificates offer over 99% browser compatibility, 40 - 256 bit encryption and the TrustLogo.

The Comodo products stand out due to beneficial prices and offer favorable SSL protection without identity function.


RapidSSL offers relatively low-priced and simple SSL certificates with Domain Validation. These certificates offer encryption up to 256 bit and the RapidSSL Site Seal.

Wildcard certificates for securing unlimited sub-domains are available as well. Furthermore, RapidSSL certificates have over 99% browser recognition.


The purchase price of a thawte certificate includes the thawte Trusted Site Seal - a globally recognized trust mark, available in 18 different languages.

Wildcard certificates for securing unlimited sub-domains are available as well.


SSL certificates by GeoTrust provide security on the Internet with 40 - 256 bit encryption.

The GeoTrust True Site Seal includes a time and date stamp verifying the current validity of the SSL certificate and the name of the organization to which the website belongs. The organization name is displayed if you register a certificate with Business or Extended Validation.


Symantec (formerly Verisign) is a well-known SSL brand for securing communications over intranets and extranets, the web and e-commerce. Over 100 million web users see the Norton Secured Seal every day.

The world’s 40 largest banks and 93% of the Fortune 500 companies are protected by Symantec SSL certificates. They trust Symantec because of its encryption technology and rigorous business authentication practices, and they choose Symantec because no other trust mark carries the global recognition and impact of the Norton Secured Seal.

Types of validation

1 Domain Validation

In order to ensure you own the domain, a verification will be sent to admin@, administrator@ or webmaster@yourdomain. This mailbox must exist.

2 Business Validation

The validation includes the Domain Validation (see above) plus business identity authentication, and the verification that the person is an employee of the company it is applying the certificate for.

3 Extended Validation

This is the highest possible level of authentication and includes Domain+Business Validation (see above) and a signed aknowledgement from the corporate contact. With Extended Validation, visitors using modern web browsers see the address bar turn green when they visit the web site, a visible sign that the site is highly authenticated and trustworthy. In addition to the green bar, modern browsers display the authenticated organization's name on the Extended Validation SSL certificate and the Certification Authority (CA) that issued it.

SGC enabled

Some of the offered SSL certificates include SGC encryption technology. These certificates automatically step up protection to a minimum of 128-bit encryption even if customers use older browsers which have limited 40-bit or 56-bit encryption capabilities.